Wells Fireworks now sells to both trade and amateur users. All our Products are hand made and inspected here in the UK to the highest quality. We always use the best raw materials on the market to produce a safe, reliable, clean effect that can often be used just metres away from any artist or members of the public (See Data and CE Sheets for more information on distances).

Wells' Products

Our compensating multi-head Press allows Wells to manufacture our Gerbs, Jets and Waterfalls to precise timing and heights. Due to their compact carcase size they offer little fall out and just enough smoke to visually enhance the effect.

Wells' range of Mines and Comets offer bright , strong, clear colours in a range of heights and effects.  Tails or no tails, flitter, glitter and crackle effects are all available and all are safe to use in close proximity to your crowd

Wells has world recognition for Tape Match, Portfires, Lances, waterfalls and Blinker Bengals.


We also produce produce Ground Maroons, Petrol Lifters, Cannon Charges and small scale, close proximity special effects to the Film, Theatre, and TV industries.

The R&D department are often able to produce custom effects to you requirements, so if you have any ideas or concepts, please feel free to get in touch. 

We work closely with a quality, reliable shipper which allows us to sell our products to Pyrotechnicians in countries all around the world.

Wells' Dedication

The Wells team are all dedicated to providing you, the customer, with the best products money can buy. Most of the production is completely 'hands on' and we always pay the closest attention to detail and quality over quantity. All the Wells team have a long background in production and have been out in the 'field' so they understand the challenges our customers face on a regular basis. Our factory manager has many years of experience in manufacture, licensing, TV/theatre, battle sim' and stage use of explosives.


Wells has a like for like trade in policy, if any product is found to be faulty through our fault in any way, Wells will replace the product without question and free of charge. Wells keeps strict records and lot numbers for each product so we can track the raw materials each product is made from, this allows Wells to control and inspect any product in the event of an issue.

Professional Products for Professional People