Stage & Arena Comets

All Comets produce a single shooting star, normally with a spectacular tail. Wells Comets generally use recipes which give exceptional brightness and good colours. Our Arena Range can even be used in daylight with great success.


Due to the capped design they can be used at ANY angle, even downwards, although we do also offer a range of dedicated Falling Comets for this particular effect.

Wells offers its Comets in a range of heights from 8m to 20m and in many colours (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Silver, Gold Flitter & White Flitter).

For ease of selection, we have split these products Data Sheets into their respective CE groupings:

Check out the video of two 8m Gold Comets:


In the same vein as our Comets, with just as much gorgeous content, Wells produce  Mines in an even wider range of heights.

From just 6m & Low Level Mines, through to our popular 8m & 12m Stage Mines Range right up to the 20m Arena Mine Range, Wells can fill all your needs for precise, accurate products.