Falling Effects

Many of Wells products can be fired at ANY angle, however we also provide a wide range of dedicated falling effects. The stage units are designed to be truss mounted and offer a variety of effects.


Our Gold & Silver Stage Waterfall is a perennial favourite offering just as much accuracy and gorgeous content as our Gold & Silver Gerbs and Jets,  with a generous 7m fall, the stage version is still one of our best selling products.

The much larger Outdoor Waterfall unit, with a fall in excess of 80m, is available too. These massive units are used in everything from the Edinburgh Tattoo to Aeroplane aerobatics displays.   

The range of Falling Comets and Falling Mines produce either a single star or multiple stars which fall steadily, leaving a spectacular silver tail in their wake. Wells offers these products in colours such as Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Silver, Gold Flitter & White Flitter. (Mixed colour Falling Mine loads can be made to special order).

For ease of selection, we have split these products into their respective CE Grouping:

Check out the video of our Red Falling Stars with tails:

Mines, Comets, Jets & Gerbs

To complement the indoor falling products Wells offers a full range of Stage Mines & Stage Comets in a range of sizes and colours. Or our Jets and Gerbs, available in Gold or Silver and many different height/time variations.

We also offer a close proximity Arena range of Mines and Comets up to 20m.