Confetti & Streamer Cartridges

Wells Projection Cartridges offer a clean, easy, quick way to produce a stunning display of confetti and/or streamers. 

Loaded with YOUR choice of colours in paper or foil confetti and/or paper streamers to match your clients exact needs, these units go off with a loud report and shoot streamers high into the air.

As with most Wells Products they can be fired at any angle, although due to their power it is most important that the base is always well supported to prevent carcass failure.

These products all come under one product Data sheets for their respective CE grouping:

Confetti Airbursts

As an addition or alternative way to get confetti in the air, Wells can also offer high quality Confetti Airbursts. Again loaded with colours of your choice (even mixed at no extra charge) they will fill the air with noise and confetti - a guaranteed winner to any finale or NYE.