Price List

To help our customers compete in what is always a busy industry, Wells had held its prices for the past 4 years. However for April 2018 we have had to have a small increase,  just to keep up with raw materials, etc. Other suppliers have increased theirs year on year.

Why you should stick with Wells:

  • Want only a part box? Wells can do that. We are happy to split boxes if you require awkward amounts. This saves you cost AND also no more having those 'odd' bits of pyro hanging around in the magazine . .

  • Want to buy and rig less products? More brightness and content in Wells Products means often less products are required to still create a stunning effect. With our reputation for 'full on' beautiful products, whereas you may have used 10 of a competitors mines or gerbs, just 8 of Wells mines or gerbs will do a better job . . .

  • Wells products are fully CE compliant and made in an ISO 9001:15 factory, with a worldwide reputation for quality.

  • Wells can offer short run specials for film, TV and theatre, often at no more cost than standard units.

  • Finally ALL Wells own products are made by hand in the UK, so by buying Wells you are supporting British workers and British industry.

Professional Products for Professional People