Stage Flashes & Smoke Puffs

A stage flash is just that isn't it . . . a flash?! Well its not quiet that simple . . .

Not if you look at the Wells range. With a Wells Flash you can get so much more . . .  Want a Sparkle? We can offer that . . .  A Report or Concussion allied with the Flash?  . . . We can offer that too.

Wells Flashes are available in a very wide range, from small sizes right up to our extra size XL100 version we can offer the stage Flash you need;

  • Standard white products
  • Added Sparkle
  • Colours (Red & Green)
  • Report or Concussion
  • And a Muzzle Blast effect too

All our Flashes are in safe cardboard carcasses which do not disintegrate or rupture during use. 

Wells even caters for the special effects market. We can offer a Flash Pan style unit which gives an effect similar to an old style camera, designed to be fitted in a custom made 'prop' it gives a smoke puff and flash on initiation.

Or if you need a unit that simulates the flash and smoke of a Cannon or Gun firing, but without excessive noise, Wells does various sizes of Muzzle Blast Flash to match any requirement from a small stage venue to HMS Belfast (Note; we do do louder muzzle effects if required in our Stage Maroon and DSC Range).

Finally an offshoot of the traditional Stage Flash is the Stage Smoke Puff. Again these come in a few sizes and give a quick, dull orange flash with a satisfactory 'puff' or ball of smoke.  

For ease of selection, we have split these products Data Sheets into their respective CE grouping: