Airbursts are small tightly wrapped bags of compound which produce a spectacular bright flash and (if chosen) a large spherical burst of white sparks.


Available in three loudness options from moderately quiet to regular, right up to 'show stopper' loud, Wells offer Airbursts in all sizes to suit your venue and customers needs.

Further options are to have a sparkle or not, and if so, how big.

Our FO7's with Sparkle will turn any finale into a real 'Rock n Roll' spectacular.

It's worth noting that our Airbursts have also been in the special effects world for many years. From Mortar hits, to small fuel lifts and as general explosions in numerous sci-fi films.

For ease of selection, we have split these Data sheets into their respective CE grouping (largely governed by effect diameter);

Check out the video of our FO7 Airbursts With Sparkle in action:

Special FX

If you are in the market for sparks and want a true 'Spark Hit' or Omni-Directional Short Circuit (OSC)  then we can also provide these along with many other Special Effects pyrotechnics for use in the Film and TV industry.