Special Effects Units

Whilst many of our everyday stage and arena effects can be used very successfully to create Special Effects , Wells also offers a wide selection of dedicated Special Effects Units:

A DSC or Directional Short Circuit produces a directional 'squirt' of sparks akin to a mine but generally smaller. These come in many different sizes and powers. They can even be coloured for everything from close proximity fireworks in a TV studio to a Laser hit on a Cyberman. Many special loads are possible so please contact Wells if you want further help.

Wells No 1 Spark Hits are very small omni-directional spark hits, shooting purely sparks and no composition. Classically used for short circuits in electrical gags, etc. Wells version produces some smoke. If a smokeless effect is required then try Kohlers S6 or Micro Sparkler.

OSC (Omni-Directional Short Circuits), produce a MUCH larger effect than the Spark hits above and are somewhat different to an Airburst in as much as a OSC consists of bits of compound projected in an Omni-Directional random direction.  A Helicopter just hits some power lines?? then these are your weapon of choice. A big powerful effect with a full on look.

The Kohler full Range of Bullet Hits in Flats, Cylinders and HE versions are quality European made units that more than match the quality of their DeLeMare conterparts. The Kohler S6 and Micro-Sparkle Spark 'Hits', although smaller than the American 'Z' range,  are a good smoke free 'local' spark producing device. Should you want some smoke to add to the effects the Wells Own Spark Hits is the answer. 

Wells Cineflare has been used in films and TV for literally years. From the London's Burning series of yesteryear to the recent remake of Snow White, no other Cineflare has either the light or smoke output of the Wells unit. In the same 'Bengal' family is the illuminating flare. Made to an original military recipe it give realistic hard flickering shadows in any war epic or similar.

We have a wide range of Muzzle Simulators:

  • From dedicated units within our DSC range which works with handguns right up to tank barrels, (giving both a noise and smoke element),
  • to Muzzle Flash simulators withing our Stage Flash range which replicate a bright flash and smoke more reminiscent of older cannon but without excessive noise,
  • to our Special Muzzle based version of a Concussion Maroon which (when used in a concussion style pot) gives a rapid orange flash, minimal smoke and a very loud concussive hit to simulate the firing of an HV tank round.

Finally our Fuse Simulator. This tape is so constructed that when it is rolled out and stuck down to a flat surface, it burns in a very 'Mission Impossible' style. 

Want more alternatives to the units above?

Then look no further!

Apart from the dedicated Special Effects Units above, Wells supplies many Stage and Arena products which can be used to give amazing effects if used in the right way.

Our Jets, Gerbs & Fountains have been used as spark producing units in their own right for years by those in the know in the Film and TV world.

Our white or silver Arena Mines and Arena Comets can be used as large DSC/OSC's.

It goes without saying that the precisely weighed Arena lifters and smoke puffs give dependable, repeatable accuracy when setting up fuel or debris lifts. Once you hit that sweet spot formula of fuel to lift, then with a Wells lifter you will get the same effect again and again.

Basically, if you have a Pyrotechnic Special Effects need then contact Wells. With our many years of working with this countries top SFX experts, we have a raft of knowledge and will do our utmost to help fulfil your requirements.